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"They tell you to be yourself when the one you love defines you."

"Darling I miss you, your music and your musk and your kisses" - Frank Turner

I feel good for that :)

Travelling home was interesting. Due to road works all the buses were cancelled, so I was stranded in town. Reached into my pocket and I had about £7, so I called a taxi. Then at the bus stop I was waiting at, some fella came over and asked about the buses. He looked quite distressed when I said they were all cancelled. I asked where he was going, and found that he wanted to go near where I live (about a 20 minute walk). So I decided to offer to share a cab, but he had no money. To which I replied “no worries”. Got talking and he was a nice chap, just out of uni but having trouble getting a job. I got the taxi with him and had us dropped off where he lived, and I walked home :) I did something nice today :)


Drew Berry’s astonishing animations of biology’s invisible processes and structures

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I should be doing work, but I made this instead, that’s right, little pinguins =D

I should be doing work, but I made this instead, that’s right, little pinguins =D


In 2011, Chad and other sub-Saharan African countries were affected by a large-scale cholera epidemic. By late November, more than 17,200 cases of cholera (the largest number since 1996) and 459 deaths had been recorded.

In August, during the height of the epidemic, up to 1,250 cases were recorded each week. One-third of those were in the capital city, N’Djamena. At that time, 350 national and international Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) employees were managing 23 health care facilities in Massakory, Am Timan, Abou Deia, Bongor, Mandelia, Pala, Fianga, Lere, Laï and N’Djamena. “The 2011 peak was the continuation of the epidemic that broke out in the region in 2010,” says Michel-Olivier Lacharité, MSF program manager in Chad. “This explains its two very specific features: an early increase in the number of cases, well before the rainy season, and a significant geographic spread, with 37 of the country’s 61 districts affected.”

Photo: Chad 2011 © MSF

I take my hat off to any Doctor or Nurse volunteering in Chad. Cholera is a horrid disease.

Gym was goooooood, now dreading to do this assignment tho =(

"Quantification of dietry gliadin by ELISA"…..yeah it’s as painful as it sounds lol *sigh

I understand this all too well lol


Notorious SIRI

We need to end this ios vs Android rap rivalry before any more text-to-speech robots wind up dead. My warranty is up.